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Increase margins. Decrease frustration. Get your time back.

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It’s never been easier to setup and automate work


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Built To Scale Your Team

Your organization’s success depends on recurring processes executed well by many people


Real Time Transparency

Team communications organized under Tasks are easily accessible by the right people. Scalus also integrates with email. No more constant status checks or lost communications. See everyone’s activities in real time. Uncover bottlenecks to unclog stuck work.

Show everyone the big picture.


Automation With Flexibility

Group recurring Tasks and assign to your team. Launch your work to automate and save time. Update whenever things come up and your team needs to respond.  Organize team activities in a unified work queue. Eliminate the need for reminders.

Automate every task and organize your work processes flexibly.




Assign Tasks to External Teams

The Tasks in Scalus allow you to assign work externally. External teams are able to view your team’s work in real time and complete their own Tasks.  Work directly from your communications.  Work collectively to keep your team processes on track.

Connect the dots across teams and work processes.


Transformation at Scale

Great processes help teams do work consistently and efficiently. Let everyone on your teams manage work better. The more productive teams are, the more satisfied they’ll be. Scale the organization with better work.

Unearth the real value of work.


How Can Scalus Help Your Team?

Do everything faster. Onboard customers and partners, process orders, recognize revenue, close books. Work better.

Revenue / Accounting Ops

Eliminate manual status checks, so revenue and accounting teams can focus on delivering operating and financial metrics

  • Automate the entire order-to-cash process across applications, teams, and companies
  • Gain visibility to upstream customer facing processes and information to easily capture complete order data to ensure proper invoicing, payment, and processing
  • Close your books in a fraction of the time

Customer / Partner Ops

Pull forward revenue by automating customer and partner enablement 

  • Build and strengthen relationships through immediate visibility to work across teams and companies
  • Create a great first impression by coordinating all communications in one place, especially to unblock work
  • Automate consistent onboarding to quickly identify bottlenecks and get to next steps faster

HR / Training Ops

Streamline people operations from training to ongoing development

  • Manage the entire onboarding process so that your employees are off to a great start
  • Control the flow of documents and procedures automatically
  • Ensure consistent interaction with new hires for training and development

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Our Story

Hi, I’m Kristen and six years ago I founded an accounting firm. My business grew fast but ultimately, like many service businesses, my team hit a scaling wall. We tried every workflow on the market, but none of them worked so we had to build our own to “scale us” – Scalus! Scalus now powers my business and now you can use it to power yours too!

When Kristen is not at Scalus, she’s hanging out with her kids Jack, Athena, and Rex and her husband Mark.

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