Team collaboration is a popular theme in small businesses for a reason, it enables success.  Knowing the importance of building a workforce that is team-oriented is vital to any organization. Most people succeed in an environment that is built to collaborate. When employees experience job satisfaction, the customers reap the benefits.  However, it can be a challenge to implement this approach. A paradigm shift, which changes the focus from individual accomplishment to team success, is necessary.

Here are 5 key ways to build a collaborative environment for your team:

  1. Reveal company expectations

Collaboration is the minimum standard; within the team, define roles and responsibilities. All team members need to understand their position and responsibilities. Team members take responsibility for good outcomes in a collaborative environment. All employees, whether from manufacturing or sales, have the right to halt orders to confirm quality and accuracy. Every team member knows they are all equally accountable for customer satisfaction.

  1. Implement team goals

Make sure measurable and concise goals are established on a quarterly basis. Focusing on goals will keep individual efforts inline with desired outcomes. Re-evaluate goals as needed. Quarterly goals should be published on companies Intranet and/or website. The outcome of each goal needs to be published for each quarter. This keeps the organization and the team transparent and focused.

  1. Inspire a creative atmosphere

Allow team members to brainstorm and question in a non-judgmental frame.  Encourage the team to look at problems as being conquerable. Implement and nurture a “can do” company attitude. Ask why, or why not, regularly and provide training that encourages character development that can help sustain a creative atmosphere. Last, intentionally hire employees who desire to produce and be their very best.

  1. Building cohesion

Include the entire team in as many small and large decisions as possible. Communicate current workflow to keep from duplication of effort, and old daily team meetings where each person shares what they will be accomplishing that day. This will keep everyone on the same page and re-direct any efforts as needed.

  1. Utilizing a workflow and collaboration software

Having workflow automation, collaboration and communication all in one place allows you to onboard customers, schedule multi-step projects and collaborate with your entire team. No longer working out of your email and having to track down when a task is completed will improve efficiency ten-fold. Scalus offers an all in one SaaS solution for workflow, process automation and enables team collaboration. It is the preferred solution for companies onboarding new costumers or streamlining revenue operations; allowing teams to communicate internally as well externally with clients.

Team collaboration is a culture shift that is made easy by collaboration software. Collaboration must be consistent and purposeful, with resources dedicated to its success. To see how Scalus can support your team collaboration efforts, click here to learn more and try for free to see the product in action!

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