We are excited to announce the official launch of Scalus. Scalus turns conversations into actionable, repeatable, automated tasks across apps, teams and organizations, adding accountability and oversight long missing from the other collaboration platforms at scale.

My team couldn’t scale without a workflow tool that automates who does what next

Where did we come up with this? Scalus was born out of necessity. When I founded BackOps in 2010, we tried every workflow software we could get our hands on to coordinate our employees across the country. We discovered that the employees were ground-up problem solvers, and the clients were top down communicators without the patience for detailed results. Nothing worked to solve that communication problem and tie together all of the tools that we were using – every program added extra steps and made our work more cumbersome. So we needed to build a solution ourselves.

Our distributed team, and the proliferation of cloud apps that they used, exposed that our workflows and business processes were siloed. We needed to connect those systems, and automate the tasks passing between them and among team members, with immediacy and transparency before we could scale. It was important to ensure that everyone knew what was expected of them and if something was slipping between the cracks.

It’s hard for anyone to scale across apps, teams, and organizations

Today’s workforce is working differently. The average employee uses more than five applications, feeding the misunderstandings and bad communication that costs business billions every year. Very smart people are wasting their time pushing projects from step to step, performing status checks, and chasing down details. We solve for that. By coordinating disparate applications across teams and organizations, Scalus sets businesses up for the clear and immediate communication crucial for growth and success. It is specifically designed for companies that need to scale quickly and gain control of distributed operations across teams and organizations for the entire customer lifecycle.

We want deeper connections for collaboration, communication, and better work

So where are we going with this? Our platform strengthens accountability without feeling heavy-handed, connects the dots between the entire business process, auto-creates a task audit trail and lets workers easily alleviate bottlenecks at all levels of an organization. Our goal is to make using the app to string together any customized stack of programs seamless and efficient. We are gathering a ton of data now, learning how and why different teams run their business processes and what makes them tick.
Want automation and visibility into your own work processes? Give Scalus a try today.

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