Receiving hundreds of emails and “to-do’s” on a daily basis can be stressful and lead to human error; it is virtually impossible to retain all of the tasks you need to complete in your head. You can write them down, use Google tasks, log reminders on sticky notes or the to-do list of your choice, but when you’re dealing with day to day functions to run a business, remembering to do a status check can be a challenge in itself.

Workflow automation provides some relief to the daunting challenges and ensure success. One streamlined mode of communication and a single dashboard as point of reference where all of your tasks and requests, both incoming and outgoing, including details regarding which stage in the process you are in, will save the organization both time and money. Scalus provides a beautiful application to track your work as well as see the progress on projects you are watching.

A quick and easy way to streamline business processes is through workflow automation: completing your desired project or tasks with efficiency, consistency and accurate results every time.  It’s never been easier to setup and automate your company’s workflow. With the right workflow automation software you can communicate and collaborate with your entire team and clients in a single place, where templates become the single source of truth for your business workflow.

Scalus enables the use of a single template to launch an endless number of projects with tasks assigned to your team and clients.  Utilizing task lists simplifies the organization’s workflow and ensures consistency. Workflow automation can now be achieved in four easy steps with Scalus:

1.     Decide Process

2.     Create Task List

3.     Launch Work

4.     Collaborate

Once you decide the process and create a task list, launching the project will notify the first team member of their task and once their task is completed, the baton is passed to the next team member and everyone watching the progress is updated without having to request a status update, or receive multiple cc emails.

Integrating with email eliminates the constant status checks and lost communications. Accessing everyone’s activities in real time on a single dashboard provides a resource for success to all stakeholders. At any time you can create a template out of your tasks so if you are in a specific industry such as accounting, sales, or human resources and have repetitive tasks to onboard a new client or staff member you simply click on your template and launch the process. These templates can be recurring on a frequency that fits your business model and also customizable.

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Workflow automation is now streamlining your business process, whether you’re there to oversee the project or not, as every individual has their assigned marching orders for accountability. No more hearing it didn’t get done because the email landed in my spam folder, or I didn’t know you needed that today. With all communications, internal or external keeping a chronological record of all the team’s work so nothing falls through the cracks.  Making your clients and your team accountable for their part.

For more information on workflow automation and how you can streamline business processes, schedule a live demo of Scalus and empower your team!

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