An inbox full of emails is not only overwhelming, but it is also unproductive. Email automation is the most efficient way to clear all those emails out of your inbox without anything important falling through the cracks. With automation you can turn your emails into tasks, or assign them to the proper person on your team without having to explain the entire conversation; the assigned team will have the entire thread available to them.

Traditionally, managers would arrive at the office and sit in front of a computer for an hour responding to clients, forwarding items on to the appropriate team member, deleting SPAM, and filing emails into folders for a later date. Unfortunately, out of site out of mind and those items rarely are remembered until something (or somebody) reminds us that it is overdue. Streamlining all communications, both internally and externally, that relate to a specific project you’re working on for any given client is attainable through Scalus.

With Scalus you can declutter the inbox, as every email that is important to workflow will automatically create a task, then that task can be completed by you or be put into an unassigned bucket for the team to pick up and complete. Each team member will then receive notifications on the work that is assigned to them, they can also “watch” projects or tasks and their progress.


Each day, Scalus compiles a list of tasks that need to be completed by each individual sending them a daily digest, this helps your team remember important tasks and what is due that day.

Another benefit of email automation is that you no longer have Gigabytes of data to search through when looking for an email; all emails and communications related to a project or client are already attached in chronological order to the task in Scalus.  When  a task or project is created you can assign internal team members to that project, and customers can now send an email that automatically creates a task.

You can also invite customers to see the progress of a project so that status updates do not have to be requested, resulting in higher client satisfaction and a sense of collaboration for all involved. Not only does email automation keep your inbox clean, but it also saves you time from having to clean it out every day, and the cost of having to subscribe to an enterprise level email solution just to handle the storage of emails. Imagine coming into the office, opening your email and seeing just one daily digest of the tasks you need to complete. What a productive and efficient method!

Email automation is an essential in decluttering our business. Clean out your inbox and free yourself from the hundreds of “cc” emails that you may or may not need to be on. Have a question regarding email automation and how we can help? Schedule a live demo at

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