Scalus, the communication and workflow management platform designed for the future of work, today announced Scalus Accounting Edition for firms focused on client accounting services, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and advisory services. Scalus Accounting Edition comes standard with template driven workflows pre-loaded, including month end close, payroll, expense management, accounts receivable and accounts payable, in addition to all the collaboration and workflow benefits of Scalus.

“Industries like accounting have very specific needs when it comes to workflow and collaboration,” said Kristen Koh Goldstein, founder and CEO of Scalus. “With the new Scalus Accounting Edition, we are able to deliver a customized solution that better meets our customers needs so they in turn can deliver better service to their customers.”

In addition to the introduction of Scalus Accounting Edition, Scalus also announced an integration with TSheets to offer customers the ability to track time in TSheets from within the Scalus application and consolidate time spent by individuals on a client as well as capture notes as it relates to time tracking.

“Utilizing both TSheets and Scalus has proved to be a winning combination at GrowthForce,” said Stephen King of Growthforce. “TSheets has given us at least 50 percent more efficiency through mobile timesheets, and Scalus finally provides one place on the project management side for clients to see our plan, and get auto updates and progress reports.

The TSheets partnership was announced at the 12th annual Sleeter Accounting Technology conference with integration launch available Q1 of 2016.

The company also launched a new reseller program that will allow partners to better offer more services to clients for understanding business processes, cloud workflow, collaboration platforms and automation while getting compensated for their efforts.

“The Scalus team has been incredibly supportive and are dedicated to providing the best product to our firm,” said Liz Mason, COO at High Rock. “They listen to our feedback and needs, help upload our data and train our staff. We created the processes and pushed it all out to our clients. Scalus helped with the onboarding process and has won our confidence that they are a long term solution partner by valuing our client perspective.

Scalus turns conversations into actionable, repeatable, automated tasks across apps, teams and organizations, adding accountability and oversight long missing from the other collaboration platforms at scale. Compared to other collaboration and task management products on the market, Scalus is designed to uncover the real value of work. The platform strengthens accountability, connects the dots between the entire business process, automates and audits task management and lets workers easily alleviate bottlenecks at all levels of an organization.

Key features and benefits of the Scalus Accounting Edition include:

  • Ability to track and manage recurring and repeating tasks
  • Visibility into every task to identify bottlenecks, take action and eliminate dead-end workflows
  • Bi-directional task management across the internal systems and corporate email
  • Transparency across and at all levels of an organization
  • Transform lists of tasks into a repeatable process to improve efficiency and scale
  • Integrate with communication platforms such as Slack and Chatter
  • Collaborate with internal and external teams without having to be a user
  • Immediate auto-generating audit trail for regulated industries

“Having a single source of truth – with visibility and an audit trail for all stakeholders – is brilliant and saves time,” said Becky Brown, CEO of Keeping Your Balance

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About Scalus

Scalus offers an all-in-one solution for workflow, process automation, and communication. The company’s platform is the preferred solution for organizations that must onboard its customers and partners quickly and consistently, streamlining sales and revenue operations, allowing teams to collaborate internally and externally. Scalus is based in San Francisco and is backed by Google Ventures, SherpaVentures and others. To learn more about Scalus visit