When researching workflow applications to improve operations, you want to make sure that it’s a good fit for your business as well as the staff and clients that will be utilizing the software on a daily basis.   Most workflow apps are more than just a dashboard that sends a reminder to complete a task.  If that is all you’re looking for then living out of your inbox will feel pretty comfortable to you.  Here at Scalus, we are committed to empowering staff and have created a way to run business without living in your inbox. The ability to see workflow happening in real-time as it happens!

While there are many powerful features in Scalus, here are 7 essentials that apply to any best in class workflow application:

  1. A dashboard – a central location as a point of reference for all your tasks, worklists, contacts and calendar to reside. Having the ability to watch other projects that may affect your workday as well is a nice bonus to the dashboard. The important piece here is that the dasbhoard allows you to sign in and start working without shuffling through 100 emails before starting your day.
  2. Email Integration – Now that we are out of the Inbox, we need to ensure our emails are integrated with the workflow app so that client tasks are not lost. In today’s digital world of communication, emails act as tasks. A workflow software that integrates with email will automatically create a task from the correspondence and notify the team responsible.
  3. Provides a Daily digest – Imagine logging into your email and having only 1 summary of work to review. That’s the Scalus daily digest. The daily digest gets emailed to each user daily so they know exactly what needs to be worked on and can plan their day accordingly.
  4. Internal and external collaboration – When communicating on tasks and projects it is important in a workflow app to be able to distinguish between an internal recipient and an external client. There are some communication and task details that are not appropriate or necessary for a client to see. Having a feature that allows you to identify if this is an internal vs external communication will assist in collaborating with the clients in the same portal but save your company the risk of exposing too much. Customers can receive the notification in their email and respond which will all be tracked and viewable directly in the workflow app.
  5. Templates – In every business there are repetitive tasks such as client onboarding, new employee onboarding and accounting functions. With these rinse and repeat processes it is essential a best in class workflow app has the ability to duplicate the system across multiple clients and further, have the ability to set them up as recurring. Templates provide this functionality and enable the user to set recurrence schedules that fit the project, client and task.
  6. Cloud Based – The Internet of Things (IoT) world that we live in has advanced technology to allow each employee to work anytime, anywhere and access SaaS (Software as a Service) applications on the go. Investing in outdated technology that is still running on a desktop or local server platform is old world. SaaS enables true collaboration, flexibility and security.
  7. Integrations – One of the beautiful things about working in the cloud is the availability to integrate your different apps. Why is integration so important? Well, for one thing it limits double entry as the apps pre-populate specific fields for you. Additionally, integrations are like automation and produce a more efficient team. For example, Scalus recently announced an integration with TSheets. TSheets is a time tracking software that without the integration would require staff to complete the work in Scalus then login to TSheets and track the time spent on the client project. With the Scalus/TSheets integration, users will have time automatically tracked within their Scalus portal and synced back to the TSheets application saving them time, making their day more productive and thereby increasing profitability for the business.

Due diligence is important for every business in selecting the technology platforms that a team will utilize. Finding a workflow application that is inclusive of all the features and functionality a business needs will not only save time and money, it will provide a source for accountability. Workflow automation allows people to stop having to ask for status updates and passes the baton from one team member to the next. For more information on a best in class workflow app, contact us at www.scalus.com or try risk free for 2 weeks! No credit card required.