The 1099 process can be one of those year-end jobs that prolong wrapping things up for the year and lead to unnecessary stress. Incorrect or missing tax ID numbers and change of address issues can turn a simple process into a time-consuming tangle.  With workflow automation you can simplify this task in a few easy steps, collaborating with the contractors so that by end of year, all the 1099’s are complete, accurate and ready for filing.

How an Automated Workflow can Help your 1099 Filing Process

If you have multiple people involved in the 1099 filing process, you already have a workflow, it’s just not systematized. Now you have to automate that workflow so each person in the process can complete their task without things falling through the cracks, and ensuring an audit trail to limit liability. With Scalus, this process can be setup in four easy steps:


There can be multiple tasklists associated with creating a 1099 process, first in collecting all of the data and verifying contractor information. Second, in the import of QuickBooks or Xero transaction information into the efile software followed by a review and file. Multiple and recurring workflows can be created and pushed across all clients to ensure no task is left undone and an audit trail is associated with each.

Shuffling paper from one desk to another, is no longer efficient. Online tools like Scalus can take all the data and automate this workflow process for you. Helping the firm to avoid costly mistakes; Running around each end of year to make sure you have all the correct information on each contractor is not efficient or enjoyable. With automation and collaboration, each team member is assigned their task and when the task is completed the baton is passed to the next team member.  Managers can observe that status of projects, and identify any bottlenecks in the process that may be occurring.

Team members can email directly out of Scalus and mark recipients such as contractors as external so they can only see what is privileged to them. Additionally, they can respond and email the needed information and it all be stored directly in the app rather than toggling between email inboxes, QuickBooks, forms etc.

Roundtable Discussion – Free Webinar

To learn more about how you can reinvent the 1099 process and save yourself from PTSD this tax seas, join Scalus, Tax1099, Keeping Your Books and BackOps for a roundtable discussion on how two firms transformed their 1099 workflow in the cloud. Free webinar is December 17, 2015 at 11am Pacific Time. Click Here to register.