A High Performance Culture Means Breaking Molds and Challenging the Status Quo. 

As an organization grows, people begin to take on more tasks and it is inevitable that things fall through the cracks. It is easy to become complacent and get into routines that aren’t necessarily fostering high performance. It is essential to scale that we break those molds and challenge the status quo if we ever want to improve. The first line of defense in improvement is instilling accountability from top to bottom. Accountability is delivered when teams are empowered with the right tools to keep them on track, and do their jobs easier.

We Can Only be Held Accountable for Goals that Others Know About

In every organization, time is money.  The amount of time spent on responding to emails, manually sending paperwork, getting status updates and waiting on others to complete tasks is directly associated with the P&L of an organization. With workflow visibility there is no more guessing the status of a project or searching for needed items. Staff is empowered with tools to help prioritize their day and automate the update process with clients as well as management.

How can we reduce costs, increase accountability and be more productive? With workflow visibility.

Implementing a workflow automation software streamlines the overall workflow process and improves communication and collaboration in the organization. Additionally, having an audit trail ensures regulatory compliance and reduces liability.

Setting up templates and assigning tasks to each team member creates accountability as no step can be bypassed without explanation or completion.  Workflow software documents the entire process for the client and business owners including who did what and when. It eliminates errors and ensures no task falls through the cracks, allowing each team member to be accountable for their part of the process. When one team member completes a task, the baton is passed to the next team member assigned in the project while providing visibility to managers in case there are any problems on the horizon.  Each department head can see, and clear, any bottlenecks before an issue arises. With Scalus, workflow visibility has never been easier.

Advantages of Workflow Visibility for business processes:

  • Real Time Transparency

Team communications organized under Tasks are easily accessible by the appropriate users. No more status checks or lost communications. See everyone’s activity in real time and uncover bottlenecks before it is too late.

  • Automation with Flexibility

Group recurring tasks and assign to your team based on the frequency of a process. Organize team activities in a unified work queue, and eliminate the need for reminders.

  • Assign Tasks to External Teams

Scalus allows you to assign work externally as well as communicate with clients in a tracked and audited application. External teams are able to view specific data marked for their accessibility. Work collectively to keep your team on track.

  • Transformation at Scale

Great processes help teams do work consistently and efficiently. Let everyone on your team manage work better. The more productive teams are, the more satisfied they’ll be. Scale the organization with better work.

Accountability is the Glue that Holds Commitment to Results

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