When it comes to true process optimization, businesses should start with evaluating two important elements:

1) understanding existing processes that are performed as they are, and

2) identify where bottlenecks occur in the system.

Concluding, where exactly the breakdowns exist in the current workflow process and what needs to be modified will create a path to optimized workflow through process templates.

Assessing the Current Workflow

In most cases, performing a workflow analysis begins with a complete understanding of the existing document infrastructure, along with a mapping of individual repetitive work processes. This requires input, understanding and participation from both management and the team.

Including your team members in the initial phase of the workflow assessment can be beneficial in long-term success of a workflow optimization strategy. Individual team members are the most knowledgeable when it comes to defining current work processes and identifying trouble areas. Earning the teams trust and buy-in during the early stages can help to ensure a seamless implementation of your optimized workflow system when the time comes.

Process Templates

The key to optimized workflow is process templates. One of the most beneficial things you can do is to find a user friendly workflow software that allows you to create process templates for all recurring tasks that need to be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis within the organization. Each department may already have processes that are mapped out, but simply need to be organized and consolidated into a single dashboard.

Case in point: Scalus. With Scalus a user can easily create a template that can be implemented at any time for any process and then set for recurring based on the needed frequency of the client or project. For instance, HR has a new employee to onboard. The HR department would login to Scalus, launch the new employee onboarding template and the tasklist associated with that project would automatically populate as well as notify each team member involved when the work has been transferred to them. As the process progresses from drug screening complete to offer letter signed and received, Management can see status updates without having to check on where the candidate stands. The department head is automatically notified upon approval and a task is created for the IT team to establish passwords and setup a workstation.

This is just one operations example that has been streamlined through process templates. There are three to four different departments involved that all have their own part in the process. No balls were dropped and bottlenecks were avoided. If there were any delays, it is easy for Management to see the who, what, when, where and why.

Scalus provides a single dashboard where all tasks can be implemented into a process template allowing assignment of tasks to each individual that needs to complete a step in the process. Once the first team member finishes their task, the baton is passed to the next team member, and so on. Each team member is notified automatically that they have a task waiting for them to complete, as well as a daily digest of everything due.

For most businesses, streamlining workflow that is paper-based is a natural starting point to optimize business processes and improve productivity. This could involve many different facets, from automating existing paper-based workflow to digitizing content.  With Scalus, your company can easily automate your existing workflow from the Operations department to Accounting processes and even client deliverables.  With the daily digest Scalus provides, you and your team no longer live out of your email inbox; collaboration with internal and external teams are all done through the dashboard, eliminating any communications from falling through the cracks or clients/management having to ask for status updates.

For more information on optimizing your workflow with process templates, click here and kick off the new year saving time, money and empowering your team.