Process management is important for scaling businesses of all sizes, and can become a complex task for many organizations. You do not have to be a certified lean six sigma guru to implement intelligent process management; you just need to have a systematic approach supported by technology that automates.

In order to understand why process management is important, you must first have a working knowledge of what technology platforms are derived from. Process management software is the development of an application to achieve the automation of manual processes. The goal is to optimize. Process Management is a way to communicate how work needs to get done to facilitate change, then develop visibility into how things are actually working.

Almost all definitions of process management are driven by the slim perspective of a certain role or function. Eachprocess-management-software element is only a contributing piece of process management as a whole. If these components are initiated in isolation, the company risks developing barriers in understanding how to get true process management and cannot achieve the full scope of potential benefits.

An easy proof of concept for this: there is an endless number of things that can be controlled, monitored and optimized without ever being automated. It is also totally possible to automate even a non-sufficient process. What we are looking for here as a solution for intelligent process management, is a systematic approach to achieve optimized business outcomes.

One simple way of looking at process management is to think of 10 W’s associated with a business: Why, What, Where, Who, When, With, Way, Wealth, Worry, and Watch. These indicators will identify what needs to be fixed and how to mitigate those items or processes. A wide range of tools and methods can be applied to attain the best results with minimal cost. The continuous application of these tools and methods on the W’s of a business in pursuit of excellence is the essence of process management. The tools that support these efforts rely heavily on the technology that automates them. Enter Scalus. Scalus is business process management software that provides not just a systematic approach, but a holistic one as well.

Process Management – Scalus as the Tool

Scalus enables organizations to align business functions with the customer needs, and helps management determine how to monitor, measure and deploy company resources. When correctly executed, process management automated via Scalus, enhances efficiency and productivity, minimizes errors, reduces liability, and lowers cost. Implementing best of breed tools will contribute to the overall effectiveness of process management efforts, efficient financial management, and provides complete visibility into how well an organization is meeting its goals.

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