“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” Most task managers would agree with this statement by author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson. With an ongoing list of to-dos and a team to manage, time is precious. You can’t afford to waste time or hold on to inefficient habits. Here are five tricks to help you help your team accomplish tasks more strategically. 

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  1. Time Your Team

It’s tricky to build an accurate project timeline without knowing how long each task will take to complete. Have your team members record how long it takes them to do each task. Keep a record of these times on hand for similar future projects. This will also help you identify and address any tasks that are taking up an unnecessary amount of time

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  1. Visualize Success

Completing a project in which everyone knows the end goal is much more effective. Quality results appear when a team knows its purpose and how to achieve it. Having everyone on the same page will help your team stay motivated and accountable.

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  1. Set Aside Time Each Day

Being a task manager means you not only need time to complete your responsibilities, but also be available for questions from your team regarding their tasks. Try to carve out a specific time each day where team members can collaborate with you. You’ll be protecting your time while showing your team members that you value their time. This also allows you to plan ahead in case you want to complete any tasks prior to meeting with your team in order to review or seek input.

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  1. Prepare for Success

As a task manager, you’re a team leader. It’s important you set your team up for success. When you delegate tasks to your team, are you equipping them with the necessary information and/or materials to complete the task? The more prepared your team members are from the beginning, the faster they’ll be able to complete their work. Making sure they know what is expected and equipping them with the tools to achieve also leaves less room for miscommunication.

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  1. Build Trust

“No matter what type of project you’re working on or what industry you work in, communication is the only way to succeed,” says Gideon Kimbrell, founder of InList.com. It’s important that you convey an open communication policy with each member of your team. As they make progress on projects, they should feel comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns. The more trust you have to communicate openly within your team, the better you will collaborate and produce accurate results.

Your team and customers need you to be on top of your game. If you’re ready to adopt smarter, more purposeful task management habits, then consider adding these five tricks to your leadership style.