Business couple sitting at the black table with idea bulbs on the background

If the clothes make the man (or woman), does the right software complete the person?

If you are still using Project Management software that you downloaded, installed or worse… got in the mail it is definitely time to update your technical wardrobe.

Not long ago, the ability to serve clients was dependent on your office PC, playing phone tag with clients, and spending a lot of time collecting information with limited automation. That is SO out of style… SaaS is the new black and here’s why.

A better way to achieve your project goals is to incorporate a little SaaS. Software-as-a-Service is revamping the way you handle daily tasks. As a web-based technology, SaaS makes it easy for internal teams to gain access to pertinent information. It speeds up decision making, tracks progress, enables collaboration, streamlines workflows, provides information to team members, and keeps agendas on track. Best of all–it makes you look great. Here’s how:

  1. Your productivity and accessibility makes you look like a rock star.

SaaS technology connects you with easy access to solutions, so you can produce results. When clients have questions, they want quick answers. They don’t want to wait until you’ve returned to your office to help them.  A great way to eliminate many of the common questions that backlog progress is to make information accessible to your clients.

Things like project calendars, schedules, tasks lists, etc., can be contained in a cloud location. By using web-based technology, information is centralized and can be accessed anywhere you may be. In this way, problem solving can be swift, immediate, and accurate.

  1. You have customized solutions to unique problems.

Each client is different, and each work environment faces unique challenges. SaaS technology makes finding those solutions easy and customized to best fit the client’s needs. Some of the biggest work challenges can be remedied by introducing web-based services to handle a task. Let a SaaS automated system handle a task, so your client is free to do other things.

  1. You welcome collaboration.

When a decision requires feedback from more than one team member, SaaS technology enables each party a chance to see collectively the information and offer input on a decision.

Contributor Will Kelly emphasizes that project managers should encourage collaborating through web-based services, “Otherwise, most of the work statuses and data will still flow through email and other collaboration solutions, which puts a big burden on project managers to update the schedule and on everyone to find that information when it’s needed.”

Take your project managing skills up a notch. Thanks to adding a little SaaS technology into your work strategy you will increase personal productivity and accessibility, you will have customized solutions to common problems, and you will have centralized information that encourages team member participation.