Modern work processes are developed when new techniques and tools come together to improve upon the way teams and individuals interact.  Just as the first communication tools transformed business, the tools of Cloud, Mobile and continuous productivity are changing the way interactions happen between individuals and teams.

  • Network-centric or Bottom Up.  The concept of management hierarchy and middle management as gatekeepers is beginning to break down by the presence of data and connectivity.  The modern companies working to be more productive will adopt an environment of bottom up; which is when people closest to the work processes are empowered with the data and tools to respond to a changing environment.  These “bottoms” of the company will be networked with one another and connected to partners and customers.  The bandwidth of this network is instant, facilitated by workflow and collaboration tools.
  • Crowd spanning both internal and external.  The barriers of a company will take on less meaning when it comes to the networks created by employees.  Almost all businesses at scale are pretty virtualized across customers, partners, and vendors.  Collaboration on development, implementation, and support take place spanning across information networks as well as human networks.  The crowd is not just a mob characterized by comments on a blog post or web site any longer, but can be structured and tapped systematically with rich demographics data to resolve more informed decisions.
  • Unstructured work rhythm.  The structured path to work that defined the 20th century was established due to the need for presenting, analyzing, and gathering data for costly gatherings of time and people.  With the pace of business empowered by modern work processes software like Scalus, there is less on-premise structure required in the complete work method.  The process of work is more like usual social communication and not daily or weekly staff meetings.

Conversations will continue on whether or not the new platforms and tools are augmented. Continued changes, as compelling as those we are witnessing and experiencing right now, happen two different ways: either slowly or quickly. Some people might find a small need or incentive to change. Others have already accepted the changes and embrace modern work processes.  It may be those right now on the edge, find that the rewards of their new device and new apps are gradually taking over their most vital work and information needs. This will all happen, and creates a healthy dialog around employees roles.

New ways of collaborating, working, organizing, and managing are being enabled by tools that support the continuous productivity paradigm shift. We will all benefit from the innovations in technology that we will experience much sooner than we think so jumping in now if you haven’t already done so is a perfect time to begin to be more productive in today’s modern workplace. For a one-on-one demo on how you can streamline your business practices and adopt modern work processes, click here.