Walking into work on a Monday morning knowing you have many projects to keep track of is comforting—business is going well, right? On the other hand, it can leave you with a stomachache worrying about how you’re going to manage every project without letting something fall through the cracks.

“Where is the document?”

“Did the client get approval?”

“Are we tracking with legal to meet deadline?”

Answering these questions is where the right project management software can be helpful because it makes tracking multiple projects easier so that your team can focus on giving each client the attention he requires.

Whether it’s better communication or streamlined processes, read on to see how project management software can simplify your workflow and let you breathe easy.  

Centralize Communication

Everything from checking the status of a task to conveying client feedback to the rest of the team requires your company’s communication to be top notch. Communication often suffers when businesses have multiple overlapping projects—but it doesn’t have to. Project management software allows your internal and external teams, and even your clients, to communicate within one program. This makes requests and feedback more transparent, accessible, and convenient. Think of the time you’d save and the miscommunications you’d avoid by centralizing your communication.

Automate Onboarding

Another way project management software can simplify the way you track projects is through automating your client onboarding process. By doing this, you make integrating each new project faster and more consistent. You’re also able to identify bottlenecks early on and figure out how to best deal with them before they impact your ability to meet deadlines. When you create a general onboarding process that is easily adaptable to each client, you’re able to keep track of progress in a way that’s easy to understand and interpret.

Mechanize Contract-to-Order, Order-to-Cash

Keeping track of a project throughout the whole spectrum of contract-to-order to cash can easily create complications. You can avoid many of these complications by using project management software that keeps track of this spectrum across all applications, teams, and companies involved. It also can help make tracking the order from transaction to completion more consistent and organized.

Shared Repository

The days of walking the entire office floor looking for specific updates on documents or projects are over. The best project management software includes a shared file repository where employees have access to projects and a bread-crumb trail of all team interactions. This way, all progress is tracked and your team’s efficiency goes way up.  

Constant Visibility

If you’re ready to breathe easier every day of the week, try using project management software like Scalus to track your projects. There’s no excuse to overcomplicate project tracking when you’ve got a tool like this to make things simple.