Workflow management can seem overwhelming when your business is growing and the tasks keep rolling in. Wanting to get the most work out of your day is normal, but it can be difficult with constant interruptions and receiving or delivering status updates. We live in a productivity based culture, and it’s hard to fault someone for dreaming of a workload that is efficient and productive. Some people want to get their work done as soon as possible so they can leave it behind when they go home. Others want to master the art of process management so they can earn enough money while saving some time and energy to pursue their passion outside of the office. Some businesses want to increase accountability and keep emails and tasks from falling through the cracks. No matter what the reason, here are 4 Not-So-Secret tricks to improving your workflow management:

  1. Stop living out of your inbox

When you consider how many hours of the day are spent in your inbox, it is no wonder we don’t get everything accomplished as planned. Like most businesses, we are answering emails before arriving at the office and every time we hear that “ping” of a new message alert, we check to see what it is and who it is from. This constant state of connected-ness actually makes us less productive. Implementing a system that reduces the number of emails we get and holds all of those status updates, that may or may not be relevant to you, in a single location resolves half of this battle.

  1. Identify bottlenecks

As an organization grows so do the task lists for individuals. We take on more and more work and soon we are left with bottlenecks in either departments or people. Bottlenecks slow down deliverables but are not always apparent. Being able to pinpoint exactly where those bottlenecks are will free up production and workflow creating a seamless work environment. How do you identify bottlenecks? Through a workflow management tool like Scalus, that shows where processes are getting locked up.

  1. Keep your team accountable

When the team works, the dream works! There is nothing more time consuming than having to chase your co-workers or staff down to find out if they have completed a task so you can begin your part of the process. Or give a client an update. Workflow management is not just about the delivery, it is about holding people and teams accountable to deadlines.

  1. Workflow Management is about automating repetitive tasks

Every department in any organization has repetitive tasks that they can automate. For example, the HR department has routine processes they use for a new hire, a tax preparer or CPA has repetitive tasks to follow for each client that needs a return, and a customer service rep has rinse and repeat steps for onboarding clients. Any repetitive task in any organization should be automated through templates so that processes are standardized and tracked.

In today’s age of technology, all these tricks can be done in one single SaaS product through a dashboard where each staff member can see the work due and priorities. Managers can view team work  and can see any bottlenecks that are occurring to clear them up swiftly before they become a client issue. For a live demo on how you can improve your workflow management, Click Here.