Ensuring consistency across multiple locations for any business is difficult, but franchise workflow solutions help ease the pain in an industry that holds consistent deliverables to consumers as a top priority. Franchisees rely on relevant, accessible, and up to date information so they can make informed operating decisions. The subtle and large scale intricacies associated with the franchise industry means the channels of communication and informational flow are often poorly managed unfortunately. This hinders sales, productivity, growth, and brand image.

With the right franchise workflow solutions you can eliminate the disconnect that happens when you have team members that need to collaborate and communicate with others within the organization.

Presenting a collaborative solution to enable the employees of each location to collectively share data and knowledge in real-time is the perfect way to stay on top of any new information.  Creating a secure project workspace with that automates processes and captures bottlenecks before they become an issue is a best practice for any franchise workflow solution. A tool that enables collaboration and assigns tasks within a permission-based project dashboard while allowing staff to attach documents and email directly into the dashboard, reduces the number of emails in your inbox and provides uber-visibility to management.

Franchise workflow solutions will allow your business to:

  • Boost productivityfranchise-workflow-solutions
  • Streamline repetitive tasks with efficient workflow features
  • Establish a strong management presence with a powerful tool
  • Create templates for easy launch across teams
  • User-friendly dashboard interface enhancing workflow and increasing efficiency
  • Cloud based for anytime, anywhere access and no local server infrastructure needed

With franchise workflow software the manager dashboard allows you to see each employee’s tasks and identify issues before they affect clients. Creating a template, for example, that lists everything that needs to be done in order to roll out a new promotion like hanging window banners, changing the menu options accordingly, updating all social media to reflect a new promotion etc.

Once the template is created, you can now save it and implement it across all locations for the same result every time. Each task is assigned to the team members responsible for implementation, once a task is complete, the next person that needs to complete the following task is sent an email that they have a task waiting to be completed. Managers get a full view of where each franchise location is at in the promotion roll out.

In Summary, the owner of a franchise has the same responsibilities, if not more, as those of a small-business owner. The difference is the franchise owner is required to maintain the service and quality standards established by the franchisor. A franchise that is run poorly and does not meet customer expectations can ruin the company’s brand and damage other franchisees in the network;having a collaborative tool for the overall franchise only protects the group as whole.

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